Friday, July 18, 2014

The Many Types and Uses of a Vaporizer

The vaporizer is something that has become essential for many people. Suffering because of an illness that cannot be cured through traditional methods is not something one would ideally want. People are forced to live with it however, because one does not get an option. In such a scenario, one of the best options available for people is to opt for traditional medications that are derived from natural plants. Herbs and plants have a number of different chemicals that have been known to cure patients who suffer from mental disorders. In last few years a large number of people have gone down with problems such as anxiety attacks and depression. Maybe it has to do with the kind of lifestyle that people live or just because of the hectic working environment. Whatever the situation, these people should not be disheartened, because there are natural herbs that have been proven to efficiently treat these problems. In order to take these medications, they should investigate the use of a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a simple machine that helps people inhale the vapour from medicinal herbs, and is the best way of taking such medicines. 
For people who are unsure of how such medicines work, it is done to promote efficiency. When you inhale the vapour from herbs, the medical properties of the plant comes into effect faster than most traditional medicines. This is because when the vapour enter your body through the lungs, it is much more likely to mix with the blood. As you may know, the bloodstream is the fastest way to deliver a medicine because of how quickly it moves throughout the body. This means that the effect is almost instant. The effect would not be as good if you do not use the right apparatus. This is where companies that manufacture come into the picture. They design excellent products that have been known to last. In fact they have proved so popular that every company has more than one type of vaporizer on sale at their website. These are designed to ensure that different types of people can choose the product they are most comfortable with.

Electric herbal vaporizer
An electric vaporizer is one that has been designed for people who do not have much time. They want quick delivery that can be used as soon as the vaporizer is turned on. The heating element heats the herbs to the desired temperature so that the vapour is quickly released. Once this has been done it shuts off automatically for safely, allowing you to inhale as required.

Portable vaporizer
For people always on the go, such as businessmen or people who travel may often require the use of portable products. These specially designed, lightweight vaporizers can be used without plugging in. They are small and made from the latest components to aid the delivery of medicine.

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Buy the Best Vaporizer Models and Reputable Brands Online at Affordable Prices

Cigarette smoking is a very common habit that a lot of people around you may be doing. Many people generally start in their teens or while they are at University. They tend to just try it as a curiosity that over time builds into a habit and then into an addiction. Even though everyone is well aware of the ill effects of smoking in the long term, people still tend to persevere with it. When they start facing the side effects, then they want to quit. By this time they are so addicted that even if they want to quit they are unable to do so, no matter how much they try. In such situations, it is best to make use of a vaporizer. This is an alternative to smoking, but a much safer and healthier method. The advantage is you can control the temperature. It heats the herbs gently to the vaporization temperature but well before combustion. It comes out as pure vapour only. It is by far the healthiest way to enjoy the essence of any of your herbal mixtures or your essential oils.

The use of a herbal vaporizer has proven highly beneficial for people who adhere to traditional smoking. The advantage being that it releases vapour and not smoke, making it safe for you and people around you. The vaporization process takes place at a much lower heat than burning, and reduces the intake of damaging by-products. If you are looking for a vaporizer, you can search online as many websites offer the best quality units. There are many models available like the box, portable, as well as disposable electronic cigarettes. There are heavy metal boxes as well as small light-weight hand-held models. You can check their features and opt for one based upon your requirement. It is a very convenient and easy method for the consumption of almost all the plant based remedies. You can even buy the vaporizer kits from these websites. This kit includes box unit, instruction list, alloy grinder, screens, glass whip and essential oil burner. 

Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to smoking as they are safe and healthy. They imitate the physiological behaviour of the traditional method of smoking while protecting you from inhaling harmful substances. It is surely the best way to satisfy your cravings but still not cause harm to your body. They are usually portable and available in different flavours. Some are reusable having replaceable or refillable parts while others are disposable. They give the same feel as traditional smoking. They can be used indoors, office buildings, pubs, cafes and non-smoking areas. It is best to buy them from an expert, reliable, local supplier who also does repair and maintenance. You can purchase them online and receive discounts and offers. Make sure you get a warranty on the product. Some even provide free delivery. Buy from a supplier who will guarantee to sell products that are well tested for quality standards, and are safe to use.
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The Efficacy of Using a Herbal Vaporizer

The concept of traditional smoking is fast dying out. People have now become health-centric in undertaking any activities they desire. The Vaporizer has been the new age trend accepted by many traditional smokers on the global front. It would be highly desirable if you select a device that renders all the benefits from herbs. There is a whole array of herbal mixtures available in the market space. If you want to taste your mixture flavour to the max however, then you should select a specialty herbal vaporizer, that will enable you to imbibe your desired mix with ease. You ought to be prudent in selecting the mix, as the choice will eventually dictate the pleasure you derive from vaporizing.

Choose an appropriate mixture that will offer you the goodness of the captive alkaloids involved. The temperature range of your equipment has to be perfectly channeled so as to render you the experience you would want to derive from your vaporizer. If you are just a beginner who is just trying their hand at using a vaporizer, then you have to follow the inhalation activity initially set on a lower temperature. Vaporizers have surely received lots of acclaim from people of all ages. If you desire to make your cannabis inhaling affordable, you have to choose a reliable service provider who specializes selling their customers the best vaporizer models. 

Select someone who is recognized globally and who has attracted favourable testimonials from their users. Review sites can also help you in selecting a vaporizer with better accuracy than ever before. It is important for you to adopt the most appropriate mode for herb inhalation by going through the business forums. Select a specialist provider who can display proficiency by giving you the best mechanism in your vaporizer equipment. You can be somewhat aggressive inhaling your mix if you are a hardcore consumer. There are some units that can give complete freedom while indulging in your selected mix.

Your choice of herbal vaporizer will be based on several factors. The reason for procuring your vaporizer will be the first determining parameter on which to base your selection. You have to understand your preferences and whether you desire to smoke cannabis or any other herbal mixtures. Keep the temperature at around 150C to180C, so as to acquire maximum benefits from your mix. Choose a portable vaporizer to render you the advantage of inhaling marijuana even when on the go. Top providers can offer a free grinder to help you make a good mix for inhaling sessions. Specialized providers stock the best portable vaporizer to carry with your cell phone.

The concept of E-Cigarettes has also penetrated a segment of the smoking market, rendering us a healthy option as an alternative to traditional smoking. These smoking variants do not have any nicotine, saving people smoking with them from consuming tar or leaving behind any unwanted smell. Selecting a renowned provider helps get the appropriate electronic cigarettes.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Science Behind Herbal Vaporizers

Article by WADE AGNEW

Herbal vaporizers are an effective and safe device for the delivery of the active alkaloids contained within cannabis. The efficient delivery of THC is equal to any traditional smoking system, with virtually no exposure to any of the disadvantages produced by smoking; these are toxic and potentially harmful.

So in layman terms what is vaporization? When any liquid is heated to its boiling point under normal atmospheric pressure; for water 100 degrees C, the molecules of the liquid are energized sufficiently to unbind them. When this occurs they escape the liquid state in the form of individual molecules of vapour until none remain. For water or other liquid this is referred to as "boiling". Each different solid substance needs different temperatures and amounts of applied heat to completely vaporize. This is known as the "latent heat of vaporization" for that substance. This demonstrates the concept of vaporization, and suggests that you need to experiment with not only different temperature settings on your vaporizer, but also the duration those temperatures are applied to the herbs, to achieve the optimum result.
The manner that heat is applied to your substance, in this case herbal cannabis, varies with each particular Vaporizer design. Some employ direct or contact heating, others use convection, with a heating element remote from the herbs, using heated air drawn over the them to bring them to vaporization temperature.

In a recent 2001 scientific study by Dale H Gieringer PHD it was observed that "the primary health hazard of cannabis is respiratory damage from marijuana smoke. Strategies for reducing the harm of smoking include the use of higher potency cannabis, and smoking devices aimed at eliminating toxins from the smoke produced. The most promising alternative appears to be "vaporization", in which cannabis is heated to a point where cannabinoids are emitted without combustion". "A feasibility study by NORML and MAPS has demonstrated that an electric Vaporizer can successfully generate THC at 185C while completely suppressing benzene, toluene, and naphthalene formation. Analysis of the vapour from the Vaporizer found it delivered 36%-61% of the THC in the sample. Studies of cannabis cigarettes smoked via a smoking machine under varying conditions of puff duration and air speed found very similar efficiencies of 34%-61%. Consequently Vaporizers can achieve the desired effect with a similar amount of cannabis as smoking. Further studies are needed to evaluate how their performance varies under different conditions."

There are a number of factors that govern the efficiency of any Vaporization device. Among the most important are the following;
1. The temperature setting of the Vaporizer
2. Overall weight of the sample
3. The consistence of the mixture, clumps or ground mix
4. The potency of the cannabis
5. The form of the sample, flowers or leaves
6. The inhalation technique employed

The alkaloids held within cannabis all vaporize at slightly different temperatures, but the most effective range for vaporization is between 180C and 220C depending on the variables mentioned above. It is also beneficial to "open" the cannabis using a herbal grinder, this avoids clumps that prevent even vaporization. Most users of Herbal Vaporizers will find that the best way to get the most from any batch of cannabis is to experiment to find the optimum temperature, inhalation regime, and vaporization time for that mixture.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

What is a Herbal Vaporizer?

Article by WADE AGNEW

Herbal Vaporizers are electrical devices that are commonly used to draw out the active alkaloids from herbs or herbal mixtures in a dry plant form. They can be standard 240 volt units that plug into an electrical outlet like any other appliance, or they can be portable and battery powered. These battery models, including more recent small so called "pen vaporizers"; because they resemble a pen in size and shape, are increasingly popular everywhere. Battery models require recharging after about 90 minutes of heating and usually employ a lithium ion battery.
Most consumers of marijuana hear about Herbal Vaporizers before they really know anything about them. All you really need to understand is that they give you direct access to the alkaloids held within cannabis, without drowning yourself in smoke and poisonous fumes. If you want to get high without feeling like you have sucked from the exhaust of a car, then a Herbal Vaporizer is what you need. The complete elimination of second hand smoke is just an added bonus. The cost of a Herbal Vaporizer can start at less than $100 and range up to $600 for top of the range models.

These active ingredients are held within the moisture content of the plants, and are extracted from the herbal mixture in the form of "vapour", hence the name "Herbal Vaporizer". The plant can be of any variety, but Vaporizers are mostly associated with marijuana or tobacco. Once the vapour is produced, it is then inhaled to take advantage of the benefits of the active alkaloids. The collection and delivery of the vapour varies with the design of the particular Vaporizer, but it is normally either a bag or a tube, more often referred to as a vaporizer whip.

Consumption of cannabis and/or tobacco is usually achieved by "smoking" the raw material, either in a rolled cigarette or joint, or some other smoking device such as a bong, at temperatures high enough to achieve combustion. The Herbal Vaporizer is employed as an alternative to traditional smoking, and produces vapour rather than smoke. Because vaporization occurs at much lower temperatures than combustion; for marijuana between 160C and 190C, the intake of harmful by-products of smoking can be almost completely avoided. These by-products may include toxic and carcinogenic ingredients.
As a rule the same level of intoxication can be achieved with less herbal material, making Vaporizers more efficient and cost effective than traditional smoking. Remember that marijuana has many different active alkaloids, all of which vaporize at different temperatures. By adjusting the set temperature of the unit, and varying your inhalation regime, you can access the alkaloids that best suit your requirements, whether they be medical or recreational. The speed and strength with which you inhale via whatever delivery system the Vaporizer offers, will dictate the temperature the herbal mix is subjected to in the unit. Generally the faster and stronger the inhalation, the higher the temperature delivered.

These days there is a tremendous choice of Vaporizers on the market, and you can get one that suits every individual requirement; from the large metal Vaporizers, to small, compact portable units. Herbal Vaporizers are definitely the way of the future for the consumption of all herbs and herbal mixtures.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Herbal Vaporizers and the Law in Australia

Article by WADE AGNEW

Recently in Australia there has been much hysteria about the proliferation of so called "hydroponic marijuana" and the physical and psychological effects it has on the consumer. This has become a favourite topic of conversation in the media, and a source of considerable consternation to the general public as a consequence. It is the introduction and application of new scientific data about the growing of marijuana that has made hydroponic marijuana possible.
The adverse climate and increased scrutiny of law enforcement in some Northern hemisphere countries, most notably Holland and Canada, have forced marijuana growers indoors. This has focused much effort into the cultivation of special hybrid strains of marijuana that can adapt to the  indoor conditions. In conjunction with the marijuana strains themselves, the development in the technology of "grow lights", especially by the Phillips company in Holland have created a special synergy to create the perfect partnership.
The new marijuana strains, and the new grow lamps have condensed the growing cycle of marijuana to 12 weeks and not only made growing indoors possible, but greatly increased the potency of the end product; in some cases to a THC content of 20%.
It is this new high potency marijuana that is the source of all the current consternation in the community. It is causing a huge increase in mental illness crow the anti-marijuana brigade. Of course this is complete nonsense, but the media are happy to go along for the ride; controversy sells papers after all. The only difference between the old regular outdoor marijuana, and the new "hydro" strains of marijuana is the strength, or THC content. It is not a different drug.

 So this is the legal climate and negative community attitude into which Herbal Vaporizers were first introduced into Australia by "Cheating the Hangman" in 2006. It was a brave and ground breaking move by the company. New laws were introduced into some Australian states in the new 21st Century banning "head shops" and the sale of bongs and what was deemed to be marijuana consuming paraphernalia. This in effect made bongs and all their components parts against the law in some states of Australia.
To start selling Herbal Vaporizers in this environment was problematic to say the least. However these devices can be and are used to access the active ingredients of a whole range of herbs, including for medical reasons. To outlaw Vaporizers altogether would be a legal minefield for the authorities, especially in a country where their sale is regulated by each individual state. Each individual jurisdiction would have to pass specific laws banning Vaporizers; fortunately they have been unwilling to pursue this course of action.
The federal government, through the agency of the Australian Customs service could pass federal laws banning the importation of Herbal Vaporizers, but this would entangle them in counter law suits by organizations involved in their legal application. Vaporizers are used extensively as a smoking cessation device, and well as for the consumption of legal herbs, with associated aromatherapy applications.
This has left the Herbal Vaporizer in a legal grey area, with their sale now exploding across the country. Of course each consumer still needs discretion, mainly because if they are using the Vaporizer to consume marijuana, they have to be aware that this is still illegal in every state. Citizens that consume marijuana for whatever reason, be it medical or recreational, are fully aware of the legal status, and for the most part organize their activities accordingly. The bottom line is that Herbal Vaporizers are legal in all states of Australia, with the caveat that using them to consume marijuana is not.

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